We combine what seems impossible

Indie Games

 We strive to create enganging games by combining tried and trusted elements with unique and innovative features.

Cloud Enterprise Software

We help customers solve complex problems by identifying core needs and prototyping solutions before investing into a long-term implementation.

OUR Customers

OUR Team

CEO & Generalist

Andreas Scherren

All-in-one toolkit for solving problems, from coding and design all the way to music.

Digital ARTIST

Daniela Fassl

Creating 2D art with experience in leading art teams, project management and UI design.

Writer & Game Designer

Dana Wendschlag

Turning ideas into vivid worlds from overarching narratives to the smallest detail.

Concept ARTIST

Jennifer Voigt 

Coming up with vivid concepts and designs for unique characters and bizarre creatures.


Felix Richter

Creating emotional experiences and gameplay systems for the players to enjoy.